Life in Analogue
Life in Analogue" isn't just a collection of videos; it's my way of capturing the world around me in a unique and heartfelt manner. Shot on Super 8 film, these cherished memories are set to music.
There's something special about the way Super 8 film captures life - it's a bit imperfect, grainy even, but that's what makes it real. The timing and editing to musicĀ are about creating a rhythm that feels right, that resonates with the emotions of the moment.
In a world obsessed with high-definition and digital perfection, "Life in Analogue" reminds me that the simple and nostalgic have their own kind of beauty. It's a journey back to a time when moments were savored, and every frame told a story. These spec pieces are my way of sharing that sentiment with others - an invitation to slow down and appreciate the analog moments that color our lives.
Volume 1:
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